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Tom Duggan

Tom Duggan

Real Estate Development 

Business Consulting 

Health Club Owner

Traverse City, Michigan



Biz Consulting:

What Am I Passionate About?


I'm passionate about making a significant contribution to those running an entrepreneurial business that is fighting the battle of turning it into a long-term profitable enterprise. It's sharing what I've learned in business by training, mentoring, and providing advisory support.  Having always been an athlete and coach my approach to developing a sales organization is just like sports. You recruit and develop the right talent, and create an effective game plan to ensure the best chance of success, then through effective leadership, you gain commitment and buy-in from all stakeholders. We then execute and give our absolute best in the name of achieving the winning goal. These goals are set and focused on daily weekly monthly and annually. The competitor in me makes reaching these achievements fun and rewarding, I just hate losing!

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