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Local professional talent transforming your vision into reality


When we develop, we have a disciplined approach of rigorous analysis; always keeping abreast of product demand, construction costs and its trends, building commodity trends, regional population growth, employment trends, competition analysis, undeserved markets, and over built markets. We use a pre-development, development, construction, and post construction methods that provides for highly organized and efficient management techniques to mitigate the development risk as much as possible.  We have thorough legal contracts, up to date technology for efficient information flow that allows for expedited decision making, and topnotch Builder, engineers, and architects with experience in the relevant product type and market. 

Pre-Development of a Project

This is where the opportunity is conceptualized which lays the foundation of the development.  We always first analyze the overall market of the opportunity, then if that passes the this test we research the appropriate zoning and come up with a site plan.  We have support services from an experienced team of architects, engineers, land use counsel, permit facilitators, and a builder with over 10 years of experience in their field.


Construction of a Project

Construction is all about execution, communication, and management of a onetime complex production project. So being able to quickly assess and work through construction methods, challenges, and jurisdictional requirements is paramount. 


  • Thorough contract risk and  responsibility allocation

  • Financial Controls/Auditing/Accounting

  • Construction Schedule

  • Management

  • Site Visits

  • Construction Management

  • Quality Control

  • Project logistics 


Project Closeout

This important phase of the development process ensures a quality product is delivered to the customers as efficiently as possible. Long Lake Cottages LLC ensures that the construction is completed timely, the punch-list is managed and fixes are followed up on, and that logistics are set up to turn over the project as efficiently and safely as possible. We also closeout the contracts with the contractors, lenders and work with the insurance
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